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Yamaha G29/Drive/Drive2 Installation Instructions

The clip works by securing the Xtreme Mat to the OEM (manufacturing) flooring under the dash.  The long arm of the clip goes underneath the flooring and the small arm hooks over the color trim edge of the Xtreme Mat.  To install, take the short arm of the clip with the slightly hooked edge and place that against the inside lip of the colored trim. 

UNDER THE DASH: With the long arm facing away toward the factory flooring and the short arm pressed against the lip of the trim, pull the manufacturer flooring together with the Xtreme mat slightly up and away from the frame/under dash area and swing the clip around and slide it under the manufacturing flooring and then press the flooring back down.  You will receive 4 clips with your purchase and can place them wherever you deem necessary to further secure the mat in place.

The picture below only shows how the clip attaches the Xtreme Mat to the factory flooring, not where it should be attached.  The clips go anywhere along the top of the mat along where it meets the dash, not on the sides of the cart as the factory flooring isn't accessible along the sides.


The Yamaha mats are to be installed in the same manner as shown in the EZGO installation videos shown below.  Clip placement may be different but the application is the same.